Top 5 Ways Men Kill Attraction

Everyone wants to be in a perfect relationship. When a guy meets a woman for the first time, he can either attract her to him or drive her away. However, a big number of guys drive the women away (though many do it without even knowing). Every other guy out there knows one point in their life when they literally shot themselves at the foot of a woman. Though in many instances the man does this without even knowing, it is important that every guy knows the do’s and don’ts so as to avoid repeating a mistake once made. If every man knows the top five ways to kill attraction and keeps away from them, then women will be spoilt for choice because every guy will look like the perfect gentleman.

1.  Agreeing to everything she says

When a guy meets a lady for the first time, he transforms and becomes very attentive. Many men even go to an extent of sub-consciously agreeing to things they do not like just to please the woman. If a woman notes this several times, she tends to think that the guy is not independent and firm.

2. Talking too much and not listening

When a guy meets a girl for the first time, he tries as much as he can to fill up the silence with meaningful conversation. However, in many instances, a guy will find himself getting out of the way and become boring in an attempt to keep the conversation alive. This behavior drives girls away and all men should keep off from it. Girls also do not take kindly a guy who does all the talking and no listening. For a conversation to be interesting, both parties have to be good listeners.

3.Touching with no purpose

Touch is a very powerful tool in attraction and seduction. It is one of the most concrete ways to make a connection solid. When a guy touches a woman he is interested in, she feels the connection and gets attracted to him. However, if he touches her too much, it may send a wrong signal. It is only advisable to touch when it is absolutely necessary because that is the only way that attraction will be real and well connected.

4.Trying too much to impress

As we all know, the first impression really counts on how seriously a girl thinks of a guy. However, if a guy tries too hard to impress, it might send the wrong signal. Because we are all human beings, it is not logical for the guy to send the impression that he is too cool.

5.Bailing her out on mistakes she has made herself

Many men make this mistake. It is indeed a fact that most men tend to reward bad behavior that a woman has made with a nervous apology. This is very wrong and a woman may think of that man as a loser or someone who is trying so hard to get her attention. Being a gentleman at all times is what makes a woman respect and value a man.

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