Ted Cruz Publicizes His Running Mate; Carly Fiorina

On Wednesday, Ted Cruz nominated Carly Fiorina as his running mate. Usually, candidates do not proclaim their running mate until they have been nominated. But his sudden declaration by him has revealed how decisive this time is for his campaign. Soon after this statement became public, Donald Trump reacted to this by saying “desperate effort to save a failing campaign”.

Ted Cruz Announces Carly Fiorina

Donald Trump seems to be likely to secure the nomination ahead of the convention. The five Trump wins on the Tuesday night have improved his chances of nomination, which puts Ted Cruz in a very difficult position. The speeches of both Cruz and Fiorina greatly focused on Donald Trump. Cruz referred to Trump as a “no-good rascal,” “abusive and angry” and a “narcissist”. Cruz continues to work hard on his campaign in Indiana, awaiting three more events tomorrow in northern areas of the state, hoping to make some progress to increase his voters.

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