Honey – The New Online Shopping Add-On For Unbelievable Savings Plus Cash Bonuses

Honey is the new add on for web browser chrome which is worthwhile and convenient when it comes to online shopping. Recently Honey introduced an online shopping cart which can be used as a universal shopping tool. This feature allows the users to shop from a number of online stores in one go. This tool is an automatic saving by accumulating the discount codes available on any online store.

The New Online Shopping Add-On For Unbelievable Savings

The discount codes give you a clear idea as to how much you can save from each code. One more added benefit is the free cash bonus option which you get back later after you have processed your orders.

Honey extension offers rewards and points which can be cashed or redeemed after you have earned enough points. On checking out Honey notifies you the codes and enters them automatically. Honey almost works with every online store and can save you a great deal while online shopping.

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