Handicapped Man In A Restaurant Fed By Waiter

Restaurant waiter Alex Ruiz touched thousands of hearts after he was photographed feeding a customer who had no hands. When he was interviewed by CNN he said, “I saw a man who needed help, it makes me happy to help people”.

Waiter Feeds Man Who Has No Hands

He didn’t feel any hesitation when the needy man asked for help after ordering the food. The waiter spent almost half an hour serving that man by feeding him rice and beans and also talking to him. When the meal was finished, the waiter took the money from that man to the cashier and returned him with the change and then continued his serving as nothing had happened.

His colleague said, “Everyone at work was telling him what a great guy he was, that’s just something you don’t see, a stranger feeding a needy”. Riuz said that he didn’t ask the man how he had lost his hands because he didn’t want to feel him uncomfortable.

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