FBI’s And Apple’s Dispute Over The Hacking Tool Of Iphone

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is not a considering the option to reveal the secret techniques and systems that were recently used to crack the IPhone 5c seized from San Bernardino, Calif, a terrorist. This incident extremely disappointed Apple as the company is now at a risk of security of other iPhone Models. According to an FBI spokesman the hacking tool had cost the government more than $1 million.

FBI Will Not Reveal The San Bernardino iPhone Hack

The FBI knows almost all the specification used to hack and crack the iPhone however there are still some features that are not yet known. In a statement Apple official said that they are confident that any weaknesses and flaws FBI found in the security of phones won’t be there for too long. The dispute among the FBI and Apple involves a lot of government intelligence agencies. White House review is still pending due to not having sufficient knowledge of the tool and how it works.

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