Cyber security tips for those who are bloggers

Cyber security tips for those who are bloggers

Ladies and gentlemen! If you have been blogging, here is some news you should be mindful of. Malpractices exist everywhere but you can still be safe if you know the right cyber security tips. Keep reading to find out what they are and what you can do about them.

Don’t ever store your password in your browser

A lot of people have made this mistake and we would request you to stay away from it. While working on your laptop, don’t ever make the mistake of storing your password. Even though it is convenient do have it automatically entered, do know you could be putting your work at serious risk because of that.

Have a private network while working

Private networks or VPN can really help you secure the browsing sessions by encrypting the traffic which is between the service and the device. When you have been working on the blog, make sure to use a VPN so that the site is safe. Keep this in mind when you are working.

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