Choose from 200+ Planes & Helicopters In Virtual Pilot 3D

The Virtual Pilot 3D has some big advantages against other flight simulators because of the realistic features that it has. People who are using this flight simulator are given the chance to choose from 200+ planes & helicopters thus, they will be given with a lot of choppers of planes to choose from depending on what model they would like to fly in the real life. The planes and helicopters which are included in this flight simulator vary from the old ones up to the new ones in this generation. Not all flight simulators offer this amount of planes and choppers to choose from which makes it a big advantage for the Virtual Pilot 3D. Other than that, the amount of planes and choppers to choose from is very important for a flight simulator because there is a huge collection of models of planes and choppers from the past until today and no one will ever know what kind of plane a person is planning to fly in real life.

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