Honey – The New Online Shopping Add-On For Unbelievable Savings Plus Cash Bonuses

Honey is the new add on for web browser chrome which is worthwhile and convenient when it comes to online shopping. Recently Honey introduced an online shopping cart which can be used as a universal shopping tool. This feature allows the users to shop from a number of online stores in one go. This tool is an automatic saving by accumulating the discount codes available on any online store.Continue Reading

FBI’s And Apple’s Dispute Over The Hacking Tool Of Iphone

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is not a considering the option to reveal the secret techniques and systems that were recently used to crack the IPhone 5c seized from San Bernardino, Calif, a terrorist. This incident extremely disappointed Apple as the company is now at a risk of security of other iPhone Models. According to an FBI spokesman the hacking tool had cost the government more than $1 million.Continue Reading

Apple Launches Carekit, An Incredible App To Monitor Personal Health

CareKit is the new app steered by Apple launched at an event last month. This remarkable app is the new source to monitor your health by creating your own customized personal health care apps. This will assist users to link and connect with their physicians, to keep the record of their health conditions and to determine the degree of symptoms in case of sickness.Continue Reading