Cyber security tips for those who are bloggers

Cyber security tips for those who are bloggers

Ladies and gentlemen! If you have been blogging, here is some news you should be mindful of. Malpractices exist everywhere but you can still be safe if you know the right cyber security tips. Keep reading to find out what they are and what you can do about them.

Don’t ever store your password in your browser

A lot of people have made this mistake and we would request you to stay away from it. While working on your laptop, don’t ever make the mistake of storing your password. Even though it is convenient do have it automatically entered, do know you could be putting your work at serious risk because of that.

Have a private network while working

Private networks or VPN can really help you secure the browsing sessions by encrypting the traffic which is between the service and the device. When you have been working on the blog, make sure to use a VPN so that the site is safe. Keep this in mind when you are working.

Apps for building faster habits

Apps for building faster habits

For those who are searching for apps that can help them build and shape habits much faster, try some of the best ones we have lined up here just for you. These apps are quite simple and easy to use and promise to benefit you in the long run.

For managing anxiety and stress

Stress happens to be one of the most and deadliest traits you could ever end up with. If that is also your situation, then try the very best app in today’s generation: Pause! With Pause, all you have to do is start the app, follow the circle as it keeps getting bigger. By the time its done, you will be at peace for sure. Try it!

Those who want something better than pause may also choose coach. It is a habit taracker that will help you design a plan and share it publicly with the community for support and feedback. Some people really don’t like sharing the goals and they will have the option of changing their privacy inside the app too.

Best apps for entrepreneurs

Best apps for entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. You are expected to do so much at one go, especially if you have just started out. In this post, we are going to tell you about the best apps that exist for all entrepreneurs and how you can improve your business with this today.


If you are really struggling with payment while working, then trust Vemo. This app is so cool that it helps you to send as well as receive payments. And not only that, you will never have to pay them any kind of transfer fees. All you must do is fill the long form. It will also link you to your contacts on Facebook as well as friends and family.


Next comes pocket. This app is pretty cool too. It helps you save content and can also let you search for new ideas if you have been running out of them. With this app, you may also have a progress report or an article so that you know what you are doing and where your business is heading.

Inbuilt tools for backup and recovery you must try!

Inbuilt tools for backup and recovery you must try!

If you are looking for the perfect backup and recovery tools for your PC today, let us guide and give you some help. In this post we are going to tell you how backup and recovery is really done and which tools you can really rely on for the best!

One Drive

OneDrive happens to be an online storage that will come automatically with your Microsoft account. It is similar to extra hard drives which are available from any of the devices that one use. There is no need to carry a USB drive or mail files to yourself. They can store all your stuff so that you never lose them and get access whenever you want.

Other cool backup ideas

There are also other backup ideas you can try today in order to make sure your system is working fine. OMEI backupper is a free software which is available in Windows 10 and can help you find backup from everything. The hard disk drive has al folders and files you want.